What is mitochondria? Our bodies run on energy. Most of this energy is provided by tiny structures called ‘mitochondria’ present inside our cells which known as “the powerhouse of the cell” meaning it is a power station to cells, they serve as batteries, power various function of the cell and the organism. They are essential to healthy living as they play an important role in the way cells function in the human body.
About 90% of the chemical energy that the body can use to carry of living. This energy is in the form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a molecule that cells use a source of energy. Mitochondria have many roles. The most important one is an aerobic respiration, mitochondria take major products from sugar fat and protein from our intake combine it with oxygen converting it into energy for our cells and tissues, such as brain and muscle. They also take part in cell signaling and help cells sense and adapt to their environments.